Big thank you's to our
pastel partners

Pastel Partners

It's through collaboration and community that we are able to accomplish our goals, and that sentiment rings true all throughout the space. We are grateful for the connections we've made in our journey, and look forward to cultivating them further as we continue to support one another in our endeavors, passions, and purpose.




SAGEALINA is the founder of Soulrich. She is an independent music tech artist who is a community builder and an advocate of women empowerment, mental health and creative freedom.



ABSO is a music manager, music publisher, & advocate who’s bullish on creative freedom. The future is female & she is all in when it comes to representing independent artists.



Laura and Shawn

Otter Pockets is a 1/1 NFT project created by wife and husband duo; Laura and Shawn. Through this project, they help support wildlife conservation efforts. Laura is an artist, graphic designer, and active duty military member. Shawn is a stay-at-home dad, Otter Pockets manager, and provides support to many projects; including Pastel Persons.